Eat Clean Diet Food & Grocery List

Detox and diet with unprocessed foods for maximum weight loss

What Is The Eat Clean Diet

Eat Clean Diet

The Eat Clean Diet Is Simple & Tasty!

At its most basic level the Eat Clean Diet is nothing new and not even surprising. What it has done, however, is brought incredible awareness to the need to eat fresh and whole foods.

Tosca Reno, the author of The Eat-Clean Diet program, envisioned the wholesomeness of a diet that included eating raw, natural and unprocessed (non-dirty) foods. That is, eating foods in or near their natural state. Foods like fish and chicken (as well as lots of other sources of lean protein), whole grain carbs, healthy fats (think avocados, nuts…), raw or near-raw veggies and of course fresh fruits. Reno’s plan calls for eating 6 times a day in the right (healthy) proportions, and rounding it off with exercise and drinking a lot of water.

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Is it safe? The USDA released an article titled: “A ‘Clean Diet’: Healthy Eating Tips!” and in it they give some tips on what it means to eat clean foods. They write: “Besides being healthier, many foods that are “clean” and “whole” are also less likely to pack on the pounds, even if you are eating larger portions, because our bodies use most of the food components to support body/organ functions. Processed foods cause fat to be stored in the body even when they do not have high fat content.

Clean Eating Meal Plan

While Dr Oz hasn’t, that I know of, endorsed the Eat Clean Diet specifically, he does and has recommended a Clean Detox program which is very similar to what we’re talking about here. If you check out his page on the Dr Oz detox program you’ll get some great ideas that you can incorporate into your own plan, and the page includes some Clean Eating recipes.

Here’s an image from the page which gives you an idea of the types of meal ideas you’ll find there. This could easily form the basis for your own Eat Clean Diet sample menu. Dr Oz Clean Detox Meal Plans   Another great source is Clean Eating Magazine and this great Eating Clean Meal Plan which you can print out. It is very detailed and gives you plenty of ideas and suggestions off of which you can build an amazingly tasty and simple menu. For example, they list one lunch as having the Turkey Asparagus Roll-Ups. It includes, in their version, 4 1-oz slices turkey breast, each rolled with 1 oz Swiss cheese and 1 small cooked asparagus spear; which are then eaten with 4 brown rice cakes. I’m not a huge fan of turkey, though I eat it, and I much prefer fish. So in my case I’d simply make the adjustment and have a great meal.  

Eat Clean Diet Grocery List

Eat Clean Grocery ListSo what should you be looking for on your shopping list? As you’ve gathered by now this is one of the easiest parts of eating natural and whole foods. If it isn’t high in animal fat, isn’t processed (most boxes, cans and pre-mixed sauces, dressings, etc…, then you can eat it. Your goal is to get as close as you possibly can from harvest to your mouth.

If the food went through any type of factory preparation then treat it as suspect. There are some obvious exceptions, such as Tuna from a can, or your favorite whole grain cracker (make sure it’s as lightly processed as possible), yogurt, chicken, and those sorts of items. Here’s a brief rundown of some items to consider:


(Whole Grain means that it contains ALL edible parts of the grain) Brown Rice, Rolled Oats, Quick Oats, Quinoa, Whole Grain Corn, Whole Rye, Whole Grain Barley, Wild Rice, Buckwheat, Triticale Bulgur (cracked wheat), and Millet Sorghum.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Farmers Market For Clean Diet FoodsThese don’t need an introduction, really, nor any suggestions. Remember that colorful is most often representative of the nutrient value a vegetable has, but they all offers us a different set of benefits, which is why virtually every expert recommends as wide a variety as possible. Organic is without question the way to go, so if you have a local grower who you know then that is the best.

However, be aware that at the Farmer’s Market, unless you know the farmer you’re taking their word that they didn’t use fertilizers and pesticides, whereas grocery stores at least have to contend with the FDA so there’s a fair chance that reputable stores selling goods marked as Organic, probably are.

Better yet, grow your own. You would be amazed at what you can grow with truly minimal efforts. My favorite book, ever, for anyone wanting to start a garden, is this one by Brett Markham: Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre. Anyone, with even the tiniest of space, can create an amazing and bountiful garden full of the freshest fruits and veggies.

Seeds & Nuts:

As it relates to your grocery list, remember to keep it diverse. Think about seeds & nuts, too. Some examples include Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts, and Nut Butter (only organic and mostly pure brands).     

Meats & Protein:

Think lean and high protein. Most people go with chicken, turkey and fish because of their low-fat and high protein makeup. But you don’t have to limit yourself, as long as you’re shopping and cooking smart. Part of your Eat Clean Diet is understanding the concept behind the program. It isn’t about limiting or restricting (other than animal fat and processed sugars), so you can have your T-Bone steak, just trim off as much fat as possible and go for organic sources.

It’s a misconception that many people have about eating clean, that it excludes beef and pork. The arises from the fact, most likely, that many of the people who write about these things are often vegan or vegetarian. If you’re like me, and not opposed to eating meat, then choose wisely. Be certain that you’re source use farm-breed animals that are allowed to graze, are organic, and from butchers who follow ethical practices in terms of treatment of the animals. While I’m not a vegetarian, I am vehemently opposed to animals (any of them) being mistreated.  

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Here some great informational videos to help you understand more about the Eat Clean Diet and how you can better follow through with your plan.


Eat Clean Diet Resources

When you have some time browse over and see Tosca Reno’s Amazon Product Page and check out all of her amazing books. The list is very extensive and includes these books:

  • The Start Here Diet
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  • The Butt Book

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Eat Clean & Live Healthy